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4 modules consisting of 13 lessons, including examples of crisis communications in action.

Preparing for Careers in Resilience

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  • 5 Modules consisting of 10 lessons 
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What our students are saying:

Participating in the ‘Preparing for Careers in Resilience’ course has been a game-changer. The insights and depth of information provided have truly given me a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and responsibilities in the resilience field. The practical guidance on breaking into the industry is particularly invaluable, equipping me with the confidence and strategies to navigate my career path effectively. This course has not just prepared me for a career in resilience; it’s transformed the way I view my future. I wholeheartedly recommend it to any graduate seeking to make a significant impact in business continuity, crisis management, or crisis communications

Anya T., Recent College Graduate

Before I discovered the ‘Preparing for Careers in Resilience’ course, I was still determining how to break into the field of crisis management. This course clearly outlined the landscape of opportunities, roles, and educational pathways needed to excel in this industry. Through practical strategies and expert advice provided in the course, I was able to land my first job in crisis management confidently. I am thrilled with the direction my career is heading and credit a significant part of this success to the invaluable insights and guidance provided by this course. This course is a must for anyone serious about a career in resilience.

Tim M., Crisis Management Specialist